About Darwin Cruz

Darwin Cruz and family

Darwin Cruz is a passionate teacher, compassionate counselor, blogger, and adequate at public speaking. He currently works as a counselor, a professor at a Bible college, a teacher in a Christian school, and as a writer in his blog Simplified Mind. He is passionate about building healthy emotional well-being which results in healthy family relationships at home. He lives in Valenzuela, Philippines with his wife, RR, and daughter Darra Grace.

I discovered Minimalism in 2016 when life was too challenging for me. I was working as a Math teacher when I started my journey in pursuing my master’s in counseling. Things have been very tough since a lot of things in my life have happened, and I need a proper headspace to process my own healing journey as I am learning to become a wounded healer. Minimalism has allowed me to ask difficult questions in my life that lead me to a deeper understanding of myself and others.

Minimalism has helped me narrow down my commitment to worthwhile relationships by focusing my attention and energy on the ones that truly matter — my family. I believe that simplicity can be applied to our work, family, and our minds for us to achieve mental clarity. This is the same reason why I started Simplified Mind. In a simplified mind, I also write about my journey in being more mindful by choosing to live a simple life as well as pursue my new journey of fatherhood.

Building healthy attachments is easier said than done. That’s why I wish to share my simple contributions to the learning dad community as I continue my minimalism journey while building a family we can call home. 

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