The Learning Dad Blog aims to provide helpful content by sharing stories on being a dad. Here, you’ll read about our family’s struggles and victories in dealing with debt, being newbie parents, and more.

Our love of learning has given birth to this blog. It started as a digital notepad, which has now grown into a website with thousands of monthly readers. We dedicate this site to all fathers who strive to be actively involved in their children’s lives, provide support for their families in every possible way, and lead a life centered on Christ.

This blog does not, by any means, downplay the role of a mother. Both parents have their own unique effects on the lives of their children. Yet the reality is, there are certain things only a father can provide for his kids. Start here:


Jed Chan

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Jed is the author of The Learning Dad Blog. He is a passionate learner who lives in Cavite, Philippines with his wife, Lalaine, and two kids, Joab and Jrue. Learn more about Jed.

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